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"Design & Build" option for Valencia

(Within a radius of 30 minutes from Monserrat)

(See Map on our website under Spain – Valencia – Maps)

We have teamed up with an experienced Spanish building designer who can “design and build” whatever you want and wherever you want, within a half hour radius of our office.

Also we can arrange renovation of part or all of any property that you buy through Peek at Spain SL.

As an alternative, if required, we can Project Manage your own builders via our Spanish partner who has a lifetime experience and being Spanish knows the Spanish system.

If you are interested in this option, then please write to with the Subject line “Design & Build”. Also, give us an idea of your own thoughts and let us see if we can help you!

Please note that as we have to discuss your requirements with our Spanish colleague this option will take longer to get back to you than dealing with a normal house enquiry. However, we will acknowledge receipt of your enquiry very quickly, so you know that we have received it.