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Inspection Visits

Buying property abroad starts after deciding which area you wish to buy in. This applies to buying for your holiday, retirement or investment property. At Peek Property we will help you as much as we can to establish which area you want to be in. This will by necessity take into consideration your needs, including type of property, type of area and budget.

Traditionally viewing trips normally run for three nights/four days, and are paid for by the company organising the visit. Our experience and our clients tell us that the clients on this kind of inspection visits are bullied into seeing the types of property that the selling agent or builder wants them to see, and not necessarily the property that best suits the client’s needs. We also heard that clients on these types of trips are not given any free time. Also, in the end they feel obligated due to the fact that they have not paid anything or paid very little towards the trip, to make a choice between properties that do not exactly meet their requirements, but take the one that most closely suits them out of those shown.

Inspection Visits

We at Peek Property can provide three types of visits

1. Familiarisation Visit of the area – Valencia only – Peek at Spain SL

2. Special Property Inspection Visit – Valencia (Other areas may differ)

3. Normal Property Inspection Visit – All areas

Familiarisation Visit of the area – Valencia only with Peek at Spain SL

We can organise the following: -

  1. 10 am – Collect you from the hotel or B&B
  2. Personal car trip in three sections, not necessarily in this order, lasting about three to four hours: -

The main clusters of villages south west of Valencia around Montserrat. The “ring of five villages” – Montserrat, Montroy, Real de Montroy, Turis & Godelleta. You will see how nice and green the countryside is too!

The main clusters of villages north east of Valencia starting with Chiva and Cheste and then working up the CV50 to Llíria – again a lovely area to be in!

Various shopping centres will be pointed out, so you can see how easy it is to get to one

Then on into Valencia City itself so you can see how easy it is to get into the City and what a lovely city it is to be living near – it is Spain’s third largest city

The city – both ancient and modern, including points of interest, so you can make your way back at a different time. We recommend the tourist bus afterwards under your own steam!

You will be shown how easy it is to get to the three sets of beaches in and near Valencia

  1. Within the trip – Visit the office of Peek at Spain SL and meet a member of the team to discuss particular requirements, banking / legal matters or anything else that you may wish to discuss
  2. Dropped back at your hotel or B&B before lunch (In Spain lunch starts at 2 pm)

Special Property Inspection Visit – Valencia (Other areas may differ)

We arrange the traditional type of inspection visit but without subsidising the cost of the trip, so ensuring that there is absolutely no pressure on you to purchase! We would expect clients to pay for their own flights and accommodation. However, we are quite prepared to refund both airfares and accommodation up to a maximum of 500 €, if you are only visiting with Peek Property (Peek at Spain SL) and you successfully complete a purchase through our company.

We suggest an itinerary as follows: -

Day 1

As soon as you arrive at the airport you will be met in the arrivals hall by one of our property advisers and taken to your hotel or B&B to check-in. After you have refreshed yourself from your journey, you will be collected from the hotel or B&B for a guided tour of the area and shown places of interest. Depending on your time of arrival, you will dropped back at the hotel between 6 pm and 7 pm - the rest of the evening will then be your own free time.

Day 2

10:00 Depart hotel for a further tour of the area and amenities on the way to the first property viewing. View selection of properties

14:00 Break for lunch (In a local Spanish restaurant or bar)

15:30 Resume inspection visit of properties

17:30 Return to hotel for a review and discussion of the days events

18:00 The evening is then your own

Day 3

10 am Leave hotel

10:30 Introduction to the town of Picassent and visit Banco Popular for advice on financial and other services offered.

12:00 Further inspection or re-inspection of selected properties or areas

14:00 Break for lunch (In a local Spanish restaurant or bar)

15:30 Resume re-inspection visit of properties Meeting with solicitor if required.

17:00 Return to hotel for relaxation and review of inspection visit

18:00 Again the evening is yours to enjoy

Day 4

10:00 Leave hotel for re-inspection of selected properties or areas

12:00 Help and advice on financial, legal and other services offered or perhaps if you are lucky, signing a deposit contract for a house that you have chosen?

13:00 Return to hotel for relaxation and review of your visit Any other actions that are required from the outcome of the trip. If you have placed a deposit and signed a deposit contract we will give you a 74 page pack full of essential information to help you settle in this area.

Later As appropriate – Return to the airport

Whichever area you choose, your accommodation will be a good hotel, self-catering accommodation or a B&B in the location best suited to your viewing requirements. This will be discussed with you in advance, when we are planning the trip.

At the end of your visit you will not have become an expert on buying property in Spain, but will have gained enough knowledge to make your own informed decision.

Before you make your decision, we explain all the details including total costs of purchase, annual costs, legal formalities, flight offers, furniture, letting potential, in fact everything for “Your new home in Spain”. If you decide not to buy on this trip, then not to worry, as you can have a relaxing time before flying home and maybe come again sometime in the future.

Normal Property Inspection Visit – All areas

Many of our clients wish to view property whilst holidaying and do not wish to be tied down to a timetable that is expected on an inspection visit.

Our services allow for flexibility and our expert staff can be there to show you the properties that you choose. Obviously the dates and times will have to be by arrangement to fit in with the local staff, seller and yourself.

Making your own viewing trip arrangements, leaves you free to visit whatever area, with whatever agent you choose. You need not even use an agent if you don’t want to. Driving around, seeing what’s for sale and calling the number on the ‘for sale’ sign is no problem – or is it? Without the local language you run the risk of your call being answered by someone you are unable to speak to, or worse ….

Often, foreign owners and estate agents see a foreigner is interested and increase the price! Negotiations are best undertaken by a native or someone in the business who is used to dealing with these matters. In this area of Valencia we have campaigned to ensure our clients do not pay more than the local Spanish buyers and we have been tremendously successful at this stance!

General Points

Please be patient as it takes time to look around, and time to arrange viewings. Many owners appear difficult and unwilling to fit in with your schedule – even us agents often have a hard time trying to make appointments. Sometimes, you will find that the agents themselves are too busy to fit your viewings in on a certain day, and will need 3 days notice. Please respect your agent and keep to the appointments, as a considerable amount of time will have been invested by all concerned in making a viewing appointment or a set of appointments for you.

We have a special document that we have prepared that is available to those who fully register with us, to help plan your trip, finances and all sort of other things that you may not even have thought about! Please register fully to avail yourself of this knowledge.

There is no substitute for actually planning a viewing trip - visiting and looking around at what’s on offer. You may find the price of property not quite what you expect! Many TV programmes are years out of date, and some unscrupulous agents will price property at last year’s prices – yet when you want to buy one they have all been sold. Of course you can buy from ‘Phase II’, but that’s more expensive!

We at Peek Property would love the opportunity to discuss your property requirements, and assist in your property search. For further information please feel free to contact us by phone, fax, emailing us or by filling in the enquiry form on this website, giving a time when it would be convenient for us to contact you. We can easily phone you in the evening, or any other time, at our expense and help get the ball rolling for you. All our help and advice is free and we are the most “non-pressure” company that you are likely to find!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

The Peek at Spain Team