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Hi John,

Good to hear from you. You may not remember us but Sandra and I spent a day with yourself and Chris back in 2004 (May). We eventually bought a house north of Bordeaux in Charente Maritime. We bought it almost two years ago and the house is only 4 years old and to be honest, the money that we wanted to pay would not have bought us the same age of property in Spain. That was our problem, not yours and we both liked your company and what we saw around Valencia.

We also felt that a climate more seasonal would suit us ‘old timers’ and we weren’t sure that we would survive the all year round heat.

We do, however, respect you as a company and yourselves as individuals and we will not hesitate to recommend you to any enquirers, and if we find that we have made the wrong decision, we would come back to you to view more properties.

Things are clearly still going well with you as evidenced by your continued expansion and both Sandra and I wish you all the very best for the future.

Kindest Regards

Bob Brown

Dear John & Chris

It’s now just over six months since David and I first came to Valencia, to begin to look seriously at buying a property. Little did we know at the time how lucky we were to happen across your Peek at Spain advert in the ‘easyJet’ magazine, as we flew back from a weekend in Malaga, earlier in the year.

That first visit was quite a roller coaster for us, as we came out to decide whether or not Valencia as a region would be right for us. So to be presented with a property that pretty much ticked all of our boxes presented us with a challenge. Taking that huge leap of faith, to ring you with 24 hours left until our flight back home, was perhaps the hardest part of the entire process. I think my exact words to you were, ‘That house should be ours’. From that moment, the Peek-at Spain machine swung smoothly into action, and didn’t falter throughout the following eight weeks until we signed the contract at the notary in Turis.

For David and I, whose combined knowledge of buying property in Spain would fit on a postage stamp, your understanding not just of the procedures that had to be followed, but of the anxiety that we would probably be experiencing, meant that we were able to manoeuvre our way through the potential minefield with very few worries. Any concerns we did have were connected more with what we felt were poor business choices on the part of the bank by enjoying the Easter festival in Valencia rather than getting on with our mortgage application! But, as a friend said, that more ‘laid back’ approach is part of what we were buying into.

When we look now at all that was done during those 24 hours, and subsequently during the eight weeks until we came back to buy the house, it is quite astonishing: and all of it was done with your help and guidance. We opened a bank account, put down a deposit, applied for a mortgage, applied for our NIE numbers and signed the contract. Written like that, it all seems very straightforward, and actually for us, it was. We had a couple of sticky moments, like when the figures didn’t quite add up and it was all in danger of being called off with 2 hours to spare; and the time when David and I scared ourselves by reading an article written by a British firm of lawyers operating in Spain, who said you must have a solicitor, not just an agent and a notary. The fact that we now own the house, and that all the money is where it should be, is testament to the fact that you were absolutely correct in what you said to set out minds at rest.

Basically, we can liken the situation to you two being the friendly dolphins that guided us safely through the shark infested waters of the Spanish property market! The house purchasers support package you provided, has proved invaluable on many occasions already. The advice it contains about the purchase process, what we could expect at the various stages, what you would do and wouldn’t do, so that we knew exactly what our responsibilities were, information about tradesmen and all the background ‘useful stuff’ continues to be a great source of information.

What is most wonderful about the whole situation though, is everything that has developed outside of our business dealings. We hope that the friendship we have already developed with you both will continue for a long time to come. The lunches and dinners we shared during both our visits were memorable for lots of reasons, and let’s not forget the Cava – two bottles, I think, on the day of the actual purchase. And it hasn’t stopped there! Meeting up with some other ex-pats for bowling and a meal was such fun. We’re looking forward to joining you and them again when we next come out in October.

Chris, I remember you saying to us on the viewing day, that one client once thanked you for your services and said that you had helped to make his dreams come true. For David and I, it goes deeper than that. We didn’t even know whether we truly had a dream, or if it was all maybe a fantasy that would never be realised. What you did, was to guide our thinking, so that we were able to make an informed decision about the feasibility of taking this rather bold step. We are so glad that it was Peek at Spain that was selling the property, as it offered us the privilege of working with two of the most honest and fun people we could have hoped to connect with.

We are so looking forward to working on the house, making it what we know it can be, and hopefully enjoying many more meals and bowling sessions with you two.

Best regards,

Firstly, I have to offer sincerest apologies for this taking so long to materialize - no excuses, just too many things going on every minute of every day!! Sorry.

Rick and I truly want to thank you both so much for every single thing that you have done for us over the past few months regarding our house sale in Spain. Not just our initial meeting to clarify all the details and your acceptance of the price we required, but more importantly your professionalism, attention to detail, your diligent and committed attitude, and your constant and immediate contact with us to ensure our comprehension of situations as they arose. We have been most impressed and amazed at your knowledge and in-depth understanding of the complex legalities of the Spanish system of house conveyancing, with your concern and instant response when complications arose during this process, and, in particular, with your perseverance in quickly resolving the not always minor difficulties that occasionally developed.

Please accept our deepest and heart-felt thanks for everything, and be assured that if ever we should consider re-locating back to Spain, there is no-one, anywhere, with whom we would have more confidence to deal with regarding purchases or sales of properties. We wish you both good luck and good fortune for the future expansion of your already successful business venture.

Yours truly,

P.S. John - I know this all sounds quite formal, but I do really mean every word. Please feel free to use all or any part of it in any advertising campaign you plan - website, posters, letters, whatever! Jenny.

Having spent years dreaming about moving to Spain, reading every magazine available and scouring websites, I came across Peek at Spain. Like everyone wanting to move to Spain we had heard the horror stories and of the complications and were beginning to lose heart. I contacted Chris and he immediately reacted with information and advice, despite making a real nuisance of myself (it is big decision for any of us to make) both Chris and John continued to answer my questions and build our confidence in them. We arranged to meet Chris and he had already booked a number of visits for us (no wasted time with fancy presentations about the company just straightforward information and detail) after a quick coffee we were out on the road. At the end of day 1 we had decided that we loved the area and more importantly wanted to work with Peek at Spain.

Not only do these guys know their job, they care about their job and doing it properly, equally not only do they care about their customers but they take the time to get to know them and their needs too. So, that night Chris worked hard searching the database to find yet more properties now that he knew us better.

We then saw and fell in love with Casa Naranja, the guys arranged everything for us and it all seemed so simple, but only because they know what they are doing. Appointments were made with the bank, the notary etc, etc. Things moved quickly and efficiently, John’s attention to detail was really appreciated (you know exactly what is happening and how much, nothing is hidden) and before we knew it our dream was complete – Casa Naranja was ours.

But it does not stop there with Peek at Spain, an excellent after sales package full of useful information, advice on all sorts of issues and introductions to new friends and contacts – all arranged by Peek at Spain.

I am delighted that their success story continues, they are successful because not only do they care, with some good ‘old fashioned’ ideas about customer service but they are also great people, we are very happy to be friends with them as well as clients. They are also highly rated by the Spanish too, not only personally but also professionally, their honesty is apparent for everyone.

All I can say is try them, firstly you will be surprised that they actually get back to you and not just some anonymous response from an email address, and secondly you will learn to trust them. As I said to Chris, and it may sound trite but, he is in the business of making dreams come true, they did it for us, I am sure they can do it for you.

If you would like any further information please contact John, Chris or Claire and they can pass on our address and telephone number.



We (Bill & Chris Eyre) have recently returned from Spain, the purpose of the trip was to view property. Our expectation was that we would need two or three more trips before a property was found, and the legal side was completed.

However we had an appointment with Chris from the Peek-at Spain team on Tuesday. He took us to see several properties and we viewed one that we liked. We got in touch with Chris and arranged to go back for a second viewing and asked if it would be possible to get a builder along to give us an estimate for some alterations we would need doing. This was arranged without any fuss at all. The following Monday we again met Chris and the builder "Tomas". We again viewed the property and asked Tomas if he could give us a ballpark figure for the work we had asked for, which he did and we put in an offer to buy the property.

Chris put the wheels in motion and it really took off; in no time we were at the estate agents and we put a deposit down. On the Wednesday Tomas delivered his quote which was very well prepared and in the ballpark. I was amazed, can you imagine a British builder being this efficient. In the meantime Chris had shown us some of Thomas’s work and we were very impressed.

Chris then arranged for us to be taken into Valencia to get our NIF numbers (don’t ask but without them we could not buy the property). On the following Tuesday we went to see the Notary and the deal was done. Later the same week Chris arranged for us to be taken to the Town Hall to register, and to the Post Office to get a post box.

At no time were we put under any pressure by the Peek-at-Spain team. Without them I don’t think we could have done all this in such a short space of time. They smoothed the way through all the Spanish authorities and believe me this is no easy task, but the team is a mix of English and Spanish, so it presented no problem.

They are now overseeing the builders for us and are in constant touch; they could not be more helpful. Anything you want to know, if they don’t know, they will find out. We cannot speak too highly of them

We are moving to Spain shortly (April 04) and very much looking forward to our new life and hope that the Peek-at-Spain team are going to become very good friends.

If you are thinking of a move to Spain, you need help with the process. We had been told many horror stories about buying in Spain, but we were lucky we found Peek-at-Spain. Their website said "you pay what a Spanish person would pay"; this has proved to be true. There were no hidden extras and we knew from the first viewing what was the total price.

We cannot recommend them enough; they are truly a great team of people. If you want, you can contact us by Phone or Email. Chris at will give you the number or address if you want it.

Best Regards,